FAQs - Semaglutide

What is Semagutide?
  • Semaglutide is in a class of medications called “GLP1 agonists”. Semaglutide is series of amino acids arranged in a sequence that is very similar to a hormone our bodies produce named “glucagon like peptide-1” (also known as GLP1).
What does GLP1 do?
  • Our body secretes GLP1 when food is consumed. In basic terms, GLP1 helps the body secrete insulin and lets the brain know to reduce appetite. Medications that simulate natural GLP1 are useful to help type two diabetics manage their blood sugar and weight. These same effects are why GLP1 type medications are useful for weight loss in non-type 2 diabetic patients.
What does Semaglutide do?
  • Semaglutide acts like the body’s own GLP1. Prescribers use Semaglutide to help people lose weight. 
Is there a shortage of Semaglutide and other similar medications?
  • Yes, there is a massive shortage because many doctors put their patients on these medications to help their patients lose weight.
Is there illegal or black market, counterfeit GLP1 Semaglutide being sold without a prescription?
  • Legitimate Semaglutide that is not dispensed by a pharmacy or doctor and which is labeled “for research purposes”, or “not for human use” is highly suspect for not having gone through the approved drug distribution channels in the United States. Such a med medication should be avoided. These sources are in all probability violating the regulatory requirements that must be in place for appropriate dispensing of Semaglutide.
Who is Health Dimensions and how do they get Semaglutide?
  • Health Dimensions (HDRx) is a nationally accredited compound pharmacy. We are one of the nation’s first accredited compounding pharmacies. Materials that are legally authorized for compounding are defined in the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Therefore, a compounding pharmacy must meet certain requirements established by the FDA and the Board of Pharmacy to prepare Semaglutide. HDRx sources Semaglutide from an FDA registered suppliers. Our facility and quality management system are accredited by the Accreditation System for Healthcare for compliance with the United States Pharmacopeia, the scientific body that creates standards for both drug manufacturing and pharmacy compounding. HDRx compounded Semaglutide meets the regulatory requirements for compounding.
How long does it take to lose weight with Semaglutide?
  • Most patients start losing weight within 6-10 weeks but many people experience weight loss sooner. Dosage is generally adjusted upward every 4 weeks until weight loss occurs. 
What lifestyle changes should be employed to help the weight loss process?
  • To the extent that poor dietary habits and inactivity contributed to weight gain, new habits must be formed. In very simple terms, one could learn and practice an eating habit reflecting the Mediterranean diet. For exercise, one could target walking as a basic form of exercise. Some experts recommend 10,000 steps daily.  
What supplements might be helpful while taking Semaglutide?
  • Semaglutide reduces the movement of contents through the GI tract. To aid the digestive process, some patients have found Ortho Digestzyme to be a helpful addition. Since semaglutide can slow Gi tract motility, leading to constipation and even nausea, we recommend a fiber supplement called Guar Gum. This is a product we sell and which goes by the trade name of Sunfiber.  

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Drug shortages can pose significant challenges, impacting both patients and healthcare providers. Recently, the shortage of Ozempic and Wegovy, diabetes medications known for their weight loss side effect, has garnered attention.

At HDRx, we provide compounded Semaglutide, a key ingredient in Ozempic and Wegovy, in addressing these challenges.

Prescribers: Semaglutide Rx Order Form

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