Dentistry and Compounding

How compounding pharmacists help dentists
address oral diseases and promote better oral health

Improving oral health is more than treating disease

Dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and others in oral healthcare are taking advantage of the same type of partnership that other healthcare providers have been seeking with Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy. It’s because they have the same interest in addressing oral diseases and conditions, and promoting optimal oral health. A compounding pharmacy meets those needs.

dentistry and compounding

What are oral diseases?

Beyond the obvious, oral diseases are illnesses related to the mouth, tongue, mucus membranes, gums, teeth, and the underlying bone. Oral diseases range from dry mouth or xerostomia (zeer-o-STOE-me-uh) to periodontitis or gum disease. For many, oral diseases can be painful and even debilitating, and in some cases lead to even more serious infections. But oral disease is not just because you’re not brushing or flossing. Sometimes and in some cases, oral diseases are the result of an underlying or chronic medical condition.

Periodontitis is an example. Read more about periodontitis.

For many, oral health can be a struggle. It’s made even worse by treatments that immediately wash away, taste bad, or just don’t work. Remedies that HDRx compounding pharmacy can formulate in cooperation with a dentist include among other things: bio-adhesive gels, mouthwashes, troches, fast dissolve tablets, etc., for:

  • Mouth, tooth, or gum pain
  • Infections of the mouth
  • Burning Mouth (or burning tongue) Syndrome
  • Dry Mouth
  • Mucositis from radiation therapy or otherwise
  • Periodontitis
  • TMJ
  • Gag reflex issues

All of these issues can be chronic, and in some cases lead to additional problems. A dentist partnering with a compounding pharmacist is in the best position to successfully treat these and other mouth-oriented issues.

Consult with our pharmacist for recommendations when writing a compounded prescription

Why compounded and personalized medications are better when treating oral diseases

Fighting oral diseases can be tricky, and that’s where a compounding pharmacy can be the best partner a dentist can have. The mouth is usually and is supposed to be a wet place. Medications that are prescribed for treatment (such as antibiotics) won’t be as effective in the mouth if they just wash away with the next swallow or drink of water. A compounding pharmacist can create compounded medications that include not only the antibiotic but an agent that makes them stick to the teeth and gums for prolonged contact time with the medication. Learn more about what is a compounding pharmacist.

Medications are additionally customized by combining multiple ingredients creating a synergistic effect and improving outcomes.

Personalized medications work best for patients and physicians. READ MORE

compounded and personalized medications

Medications are personalized by a compounding pharmacy 

The best way to treat problem oral conditions when you’ve already taken the steps of good dental hygiene can vary. This is where the partnership between a dentist and Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy brings creative and innovative solutions to the table. These include:

  • Topical Analgesics (ones that don’t immediately wash away when the patient swallows)
  • A hemostatic agent (stops bleeding post-operatively due to blood-thinning medication)
  • Mouthwashes
  • Root canal dressings

There are many more ways working with a compounding pharmacy helps healthcare providers provide the best care for patients.

A variety of medication delivery methods provide better options in addressing oral health concerns

As with other areas of medicine, one of the advantages of using a compounding pharmacist is not being locked into the medication delivery methods that are currently commercially available.  The compound pharmacy, working with a dentist, can put the medication into forms that work for the individual, including sprays, rinses, gels, and troches.  Because a compounding pharmacist is creating preparations that meet the individual needs of the patient’s dental condition, and they are providing them in forms and in flavors more acceptable to the patient, there is a greater probability of successful outcomes.

medication delivery methods

Frequently requested compounded medications for treating oral disease

A compounding pharmacist works closely with dentists and other oral healthcare providers to find the right solutions to pain, infection, and other oral issues. To promote better ways of addressing oral health problems, they ensure the proper combination of certain compounds and ingredients for optimum results. These include the following materials:

  • Betamethasone
  • Carbamazepine
  • Cimetidine,
  • Cyclobenzaprine
  • doxycycline
  • Ketoprofen
  • Lidocaine
  • Metronidazole
  • Minocycline
  • Nystatin
  • Pilocarpine
  • Polyphenol sulfonic acid
  • Potassium Complex
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Tranexamic acid
  • Fluoride
  • Silver nitrate/sodium fluoride

There are also a number of manufactured drugs that are no longer commercially available that could be used as well.

Compounded medications offer better outcomes since they are specifically tailored to every patient and are created in a sterile environment using only the best medical ingredients necessary to address each’s oral health problem.  This is very evident in some of the most popular compounded medications, like Magic Mouthwash.   That’s the common term for mouthwash that is designed to combat specific issues with oral disease.  But not all mouthwashes have the “magic”.

Why optimized Magic Mouthwash is a must in your oral healthcare arsenal.

While medications such as a Periogel oral debriding agent/oral wound cleaner are available as a pre-made commercial product, a compounding pharmacy can create the perfect combination in forms and doses that make sense.

optimized magic mouthwash

Supporting Patient Adherence to Treatment Plans

All prescribing physicians, including dentists, see additional benefits from having a compounding pharmacy as part of the treatment team. Innovative compounding pharmacies, like Health Dimensions, make ongoing outreach and patient support a key part of their relationship with patients. As members of the treatment team, the pharmacists reach out with support and education when the medication order is received to remove obstacles to filling the prescription. The outreach continues after the first prescription is filled to make sure medications are being used and used correctly. In partnership with the healthcare professional,  Health Dimensions is working to secure the most successful treatment outcome possible.

Talk to a Compounding Pharmacist to Learn More About ordering Sterile Medications

Talk to a compounding pharmacist to learn more about ordering sterile medications.

For the prescribing physician, clarity of dosage/percentage is an important part of writing a compound prescription.  Each drug should be separately listed with its generic name, and the strength required.  The prescription should include directions (e.g., 2x daily) and the amount to dispense if daily usage is clear.

Contact HDRX pharmacist to discuss formulations and answer any questions. Call (800) 836-2303.

how to write a compounded prescription

How supplements improve oral health and help prevent oral diseases

Regardless of the specific supplement, there is evidence to suggest that nutritional supplements and probiotics can have a positive impact on healthy gums and teeth. While supplements or multivitamins may be broadly used for general wellbeing, the studies and other evidence points to additional benefits including less inflammation from gingivitis, less bleeding on probing deeper pockets, and stronger connections between teeth and jaw. Read more about which supplements support healthy gums and teeth.

Discover the six best supplements for improving and maintaining oral health

About Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy

Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy has been providing pharmaceutical solutions to doctors and their patients since 1996. Locally owned and based in southern Michigan, Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy was among the nation’s first compounding pharmacies to earn accreditation by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) of the Accreditation for Healthcare Commission.
Our mission is to partner with patients and physicians to provide service excellence, accuracy, and rapid response to patients’ personalized prescription needs.

To learn more about building a partnership, call Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy at (800) 836-2303.

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