Six of the best supplements for teeth and gums support

As any dentist will tell you, good, having a mouth full of healthy teeth starts with brushing, flossing, regular cleanings, and a good relationship with your dentist. Certainly, that is a start, but for anyone, and especially those dealing with periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, there is more that can be done to keep your teeth and gums healthy:  nutritional supplements.

Nutrition issues and the need for supplements can be caused by a number of issues, including the food a person eats (or doesn’t eat), other medical issues that rob the body of nutrients, or the aging process. To remain in the best of health, these vitamins and other nutrients must be replaced, and for many, the quickest, easiest, best, or in some cases only way is through supplements.

Taking nutritional supplements has become a daily routine for many. Adding vitamins and other supplements replaces nutrients that are missing from a daily diet. When a person has a vitamin deficiency, the focus of the impact is often on other parts of the body negatively impacted by the absence of that vitamin. But that absence can also impact teeth and gums just as quickly and severely as other parts of the body. Let’s use a Vitamin D deficiency as an example.

Vitamin D is essential to the proper operation of the body.  Normally, we get it from the sun, but for some people, it is not absorbed well, and supplements are required. A deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to a number of illnesses and is closely associated with bone loss. Further Vitamin D deficiency and calcium loss can cause a loss of bone around the teeth and cause issues with periodontal ligaments, which connect teeth to the jawbone.


Download the Supplements for Teeth and Gums Reference Guide for Dentists


Looking at it from a different angle with a different supplement, there is often a double benefit from supplements being taken for other preventative reasons. The Mayo Clinic describes the antioxidant Coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ10) as a dietary supplement that helps with heart disease, Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and migraines. It’s especially recommended for anyone who takes a statin-based cholesterol medicine. A recent controlled clinical trial showed that after three months of use, there was a reduced incidence of periodontal disease. That same study showed that after five years of taking Omega-3 fatty acid supplements, there was a continued reduction in the progression of the disease.

Regardless of the specific supplement, there is clearly evidence to suggest that nutritional supplements and probiotics can have a positive impact on healthy gums and teeth. While supplements or multivitamins may be broadly used for general wellbeing, the studies and other evidence point to additional benefits including less inflammation from gingivitis, less bleeding on probing, deeper pockets, and stronger connections between teeth and jaw.


Six recommended supplements for teeth, gums (& whole body!):

Here are six supplements that we recommend to maintain oral health. With any supplement, it is important to discuss with a doctor, dentist, or pharmacist what if any impact there is on the efficacy of current medications if adding these tools to a health program.


AlphaBase– complete vitamin and mineral supplement; highly absorbable


Reacted Cal-Mag – highly absorbable calcium and magnesium


Vitamin D 1000 IU – supports bone, tooth, gum, and immune health


CoQ 10 – coenzyme q10 is essential to mitochondrial ATP production


Orthomega– maintains inflammatory balance; highly purified omega 3 fatty acid supplement


OrthoBiotic – enhances immune system function


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