Articles on "Personalized Medicine"

Compounded Semaglutide: A Strategic Solution During Ozempic Shortage

At HDRx, we are committed to providing high-quality, customized medication solutions like compounded Semaglutide, for those affected by the Ozempic/Wegovy shortage.

Sterile Ketamine IV Infusion Pharmacy for Michigan Ketamine Clinics: Addressing Shortage

As the world of medicine is advancing every day, individualized patient care is of paramount importance. This is especially true in the face of challenges such as the current IV ketamine shortage. Compounding pharmacists help patients access several forms of ketamine so that treatments are never missed.

Urised: Alternatives to the Discontinued Urinary Support Drug

Are you one of the many patients or practitioners struggling to find the relief you need that Urised or Uribel may have given you? Frustrated by the limited availability at retail pharmacies?

The Disadvantages of Long-Term Oral Antibiotic Use: Exploring Alternatives in Topical Delivery Forms

In recent years, long-term and repeat use of antibiotics has become a common practice in the medical world. While antibiotics have undoubtedly revolutionized healthcare, allowing us to combat infectious diseases, chronic or repeat use does not come without downsides.

podiatry and compounding

How Podiatrists Work with Compounding Pharmacists

Regardless of the medications involved, the close partnership between a podiatrist and a compounding pharmacy provides ...

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