Articles on "HDRx"

Methylene Blue & Improving Mitochondrial Function – Michigan Compounding Pharmacy

Exploring how methylene blue may be linked to mitochondrial functioning and overall health.

Beware! A battle is brewing devastating treatment options and impacting women’s hormone health

The FDA has moved to restrict compounded bioidentical hormone therapy, severely impacting quality of life treatment options for women.

Treating Canker Sores with OPTIMIZED “Magic Mouthwash”

Treating Canker sores with optimized magic mouthwash from HDRX.

What is LDN?

Have you heard of LDN? Learn about Low Dose Naltrexone and the numerous autoimmune diseases that can benefit from its use as treatment.

podiatry and compounding

How Podiatrists Work with Compounding Pharmacists

Regardless of the medications involved, the close partnership between a podiatrist and a compounding pharmacy provides ...

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