Ketamine IV Infusions

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Sterile Ketamine IV Infusion Pharmacy for Michigan Ketamine Clinics: Addressing Shortage Related: Ketamine, Depression, and Neuropathic Pain >>

It’s important to work with a Ketamine Specialty Pharmacy like HDRX, which proudly serves the state of Michigan. This medication requires a prescription from a licensed Michigan practitioner. The prescription is filled with expertise according to doctors’ specific orders and can be shipped if desired. We also work with ketamine infusion clinics to provide the best infusion therapy to patients and provide education and consultations to our patients as well as their medical provider.

We value the patient-physician-pharmacist relationship and the observed advantages in yielding the best patient outcomes. Joint efforts present an integrative approach to health.

Practitioners: please reach out to our pharmacists and we can provide you with education, consultation and guide you through the process of prescribing Ketamine to your patients.

Patients: ask your physician about the possibility of using Ketamine to finally get relief in depressive conditions and neuropathic pain. Feel free to have your medical providers contact us. 

Our pharmacists are experts in compounding Ketamine into different forms: capsules, nasal spray, troche/lozenge, suppository, intravenous (IV) – sterile, injection (syringe/vial) – sterile.


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