Innovations in Magic Mouthwash: Improving Patient Care with HDRX

by | May 31, 2023 | Oral Health

What is Magic Mouthwash (MMW)?

Magic Mouthwash (MMW) is an old-time, multi-purpose, compounded, liquid medication used for oral inflammation, infections, and pain. However, the traditional compounding process of MMW faces several challenges, including limited availability, time constraints for pharmacists, and short shelf-life. 

In an effort to enhance patient care and overcome these obstacles, expert pharmacist Scott Popyk, RPh, recognized the need for innovation and introduced groundbreaking solutions. 


The Challenges with traditional Magic Mouthwash and Pharmacy Services

  • Pharmacy may not stock all the ingredients OR does not keep the medication on hand, ready-made
  • Pharmacy doesn’t have the time to compound, so orders are delayed 
  • Pharmacy doesn’t ship medication to patient
  • Standard MMW preparations contain water, a fact that necessitates refrigerated storage and a short shelf-life (14 days). This presents problems for patients when travel of any form is needed. 

Now, we’ll explore the advancements made by Health Dimensions Compounding Pharmacy (HDRX) in the field of MMW, revolutionizing its administration and improving outcomes.

Addressing Barriers to MMW Availability

One of the significant hurdles in obtaining MMW is the lack of ready-made stock in pharmacies. Pharmacists may not have all the necessary ingredients or may be unable to compound the medication on short notice. This can lead to delays in addressing the issues and potentially impaired outcomes for patients.

Recognizing this challenge, HDRX created two standardized formulas that are always in stock and readily available:

  1. Clotrimazole/dexamethasone/diphenhydramine/lidocaine/tetracycline
  2. Dexamethasone/diphenhydramine/lidocaine

By ensuring these formulations are consistently accessible, HDRX addresses the first barrier and facilitates prompt medication for patients in need.

Eliminating Water and Extending Shelf Life

Another limitation of traditional MMW preparations is their reliance on water, which necessitates refrigeration and restricts their shelf life to just 14 days. This poses difficulties for patients who require travel or extended usage. Understanding these challenges, Scott Popyk innovated by developing a fast-dissolving powder formula that forms a viscous gel upon contact with water. This gel adheres to oral mucosal surfaces, prolonging the medication’s action and improving outcomes. 

Each option is conveniently unit-dose packaged. The powder is simply added to 510ml of water, stirred for 30 seconds, swished for 45 seconds, and then spit. Flavors are chocolate-milk or vanilla. Additionally, the powder-based medication boasts a shelf life of 90 days, potentially offering greater flexibility and convenience for patients.

Introducing Ready-Mixed Gel Version

Building upon the success of the powder formula, HDRX continued its commitment to innovation. To eliminate the mixing step altogether, they created a ready-mixed gel version of the two standardized MMW formulas mentioned earlier. 

With the gel version, patients can directly administer two pumps of Magic Mouthwash Gel, swish for 45 seconds, and spit. This advancement simplifies the process further and enhances patient convenience. The gel is available in delightful flavors such as vanilla or strawberry, catering to individual preferences. Furthermore, the gel formulation maintains a shelf life of 60 days.

Patient and Prescriber Satisfaction

Magic Mouthwash (MMW) is an old-time, multi-purpose, compounded, liquid medication used for oral inflammation, infections, and pain. However, the traditional compounding process of MMW faces several challenges, including limited availability, time constraints for pharmacists, and short shelf-life.

Both the powder and gel formulations developed by HDRX have garnered positive feedback from patients and prescribers alike. The standardized formulas ensure consistent availability, enabling healthcare providers to provide timely support to their patients. 

The elimination of water in the powder-based formula improves storage convenience and extends the shelf life, accommodating patient needs and reducing waste. Moreover, the introduction of the ready-mixed gel version eliminates the mixing step entirely, streamlining the administration process for greater ease of use.

Health Dimensions Compounding Pharmacy: Michigan’s Magic Prescription Mouthwash Experts

HDRX’s innovations in the field of Magic Mouthwash have revolutionized the way this essential medication is prepared and administered. By addressing the challenges of availability, shelf life, and ease of use, Scott Popyk, RPh, has significantly improved patient care in oral inflammation, infections, and pain management

The specialized formulations offer convenience, longer shelf-life, leading to enhanced outcomes. Through HDRX’s dedication to innovation, Magic Mouthwash can be more readily available to patients that need it.

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