Improving Enamel Mineralization with Synergistic Fluoride Rinse

Damaged Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is continuously subject to the forces of demineralization. Various foods, pathogenic bacteria, and oral hygiene habits quietly contribute to an acidic oral pH, weakening tooth enamel and exposing teeth to hypersensitivity and decay. Other factors contributing to demineralization are abrasive toothpaste, poor nutrition, and tooth whitening bleaches. Dentists utilize spot fluoride treatment, fillings, crowns, or tooth removal to address the various stages of tooth demineralization. Preventive treatment with a simple fluoride rinse is common to encourage tooth enamel remineralization.


Protecting Enamel- Synergistic, Four Pronged Strategy

A prescription fluoride formulation prepared at HDRx contains 3 synergistic ingredients in an adhering, polymer gel to support remineralization of enamel and prevention of caries and tooth hypersensitivity.


Ingredients for this fluoride treatment include Sodium Fluoride 0.22%, Calcium Phosphate, and Xylitol. Sodium Fluoride helps drive tooth mineralization and resistance to cavity-causing bacteria, while Calcium Phosphate provides a substrate for enamel remodeling. Xylitol discourages the growth of pathogens and promotes a healthy oral microbiome. While each of these ingredients is beneficial individually, when combined they create an enhanced, home-based solution for supporting tooth health.


Prolonged Contact with Teeth

An adhesive, polymer technology promotes a longer duration of contact, as compared to typical fluoride treatments. Better contact theoretically will deliver better cavity prevention results. Along with the fluoride solution and the adhesive polymer technology being the perfect tools for strengthening and protecting teeth, the solution is also sugar-free and comes in a great tasting vanilla frosting flavor.


For more information on cavity prevention and the Fluoride Solution, contact an HDRX clinical pharmacist today.



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