Using Methylene Blue (MB) in Addressing Long COVID

What is Long COVID?

Some people who have been infected with the COVID-19 virus can experience long-term effects from their infection, known as Post-COVID Conditions (PCC) or Long COVID.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Many people with Long COVID suffer long-term symptoms, such as “brain fog”, fatigue, clotting problems, and more. Possible explanations for Long COVID include immune imbalance, incomplete viral clearance and mitochondrial dysfunction.

“Long COVID research has found mitochondrial dysfunction including loss of mitochondrial membrane potential and possible dysfunctional mitochondrial metabolism, altered fatty acid metabolism and dysfunctional mitochondrion-dependent lipid catabolism consistent with mitochondrial dysfunction in exercise intolerance, redox imbalance, and exercise intolerance and impaired oxygen extraction.”

How Mitochondria Work

Mitochondria are organelles within the body’s cells that act as the powerhouse of the body, producing the energy we need for all functions.

During cellular respiration within the mitochondria, ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), an energy storage molecule, is created through a system called oxidative phosphorylation.This system consists of the electron transport chain, a series of four protein complexes that couple redox reactions (donate/accept electrons), creating an electrochemical gradient that leads to the creation of ATP.

What Happens When Mitochondria are Damaged?

When mitochondria are damaged, less energy (in the form of ATP) is produced and inflammatory outcomes occur (oxidative stress).

Methylene Blue Potential

Recently, researchers have reported the use of Methylene Blue in Long COVID management. It has had a long history as a therapeutic agent, and has been approved by the FDA for addressing other diseases. Its role in mitochondrial function has been examined further in peer reviewed studies.

Methylene Blue in low doses can donate and accept electrons, stimulating mitochondrial respiration. It also accelerates the consumption of oxygen, which signals the body to release nitric oxide (NO) which triggers an increase in blood flow, leading to more oxygen to cells and removal of cell waste. 

These mechanisms promote healing properties and improve cell survival during cell stress or damage and may reverse the negative effects seen from mitochondrial dysfunction in Long COVID.

Why is it important to work with a Methylene Blue compounding pharmacy?

The purity of methylene blue is extremely important. Health Dimensions Pharmacy provides only pharmaceutical, USP grade, methylene blue. Precise dosage of Methylene Blue is also important, as beneficial results were seen at specific doses. It’s important to work with expert pharmacists at HDRX, who are experienced in formulating Methylene Blue specific to every patient. 

Purchase Methylene blue capsules from HDRx Detroit Metro Area Michigan

Compounded Methylene Blue with HDRx

The best and safest way to maximize the potential of methylene blue is through compounded medications that are specially formulated by pharmacists to meet specific patient needs. 

Health Dimensions Rx adjusts methylene blue dosage, strength, and form as prescribed by a licensed prescriber. Methylene blue capsules are most commonly prescribed, but our pharmacists can produce the medication in many forms.

Prescription required.

The average starting dose of methylene blue is 8–16 mg per day.

Ask your doctor about a prescription for methylene blue and fill your prescription with our Methylene Blue experts.

 Are you a Michigan prescriber interested in prescribing methylene blue to your patients? Contact us today.

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